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  1. CEIL returns smallest integer greater than or equal to n. This function takes as an argument any numeric datatype or any nonnumeric datatype that can be implicitly converted to a numeric datatype. The function returns the same datatype as the numeric datatype of the argument
  2. The purpose of the Oracle CEIL function is to return the smallest integer value greater than or equal to the supplied number. It essentially rounds up to the nearest whole number, and is the opposite of the FLOOR function (which rounds down to the nearest whole number). The word CEIL is short for CEILING
  3. CEIL関数は、引数で指定した数値を切り上げて整数を求める関数です。CEIL関数は、オラクルで使用できます。MS-SQL Serverでは、CEILING関数で同様の処理を実現できます。いちれべ.comは、オラクル、MS-SQL、MS-Access で使用可能か一目でわかるサイトです
  4. Oracle PL/SQL - Exemple de fonction CEIL ceil math oracle plsql La fonction CEIL arrondit le nombre spécifié et renvoie le plus petit nombre supérieur ou égal au nombre spécifié
  5. The CEIL () function returns the smallest integer that is not less than the number specified as an argument. The function takes any numeric or nonnumeric data type (can be implicitly converted to a numeric data type) as an argument
  6. CEIL returns the smallest integer that is greater than or equal to n. The number n can always be written as the difference of an integer k and a positive fraction f such that 0 <= f < 1 and n = k - f. The value of CEIL is the integer k. Thus, the value of CEIL is n itself if and only if n is precisely an integer
  7. Oracle® 非公式 SQL, PL/SQL & DBA's リファレンス . CEIL、FLOOR. Top | Knowledge | DB構築 | 文字列関数 | 日付関数 | 集計関数 | SQL関数(アルファベット順) SQL(抽出・更新) | SQL*Plus | PL/SQL | Utility | Structure | スキーマ | チューニング | 用語 | 参考書; Top > SQL 関数一覧 (A‐D) > CEIL、FLOOR.

Oracle中trunc函数、round 函数、ceil函数和floor函数的使用2013-10-09 09:42:35 我来说两句 作者:醉爱梁静茹收藏 我要投稿 Oracle中trunc函数、round 函数、ceil函数和floor函数的使用 1.1trunc函数处理数字trunc函数返回处理后的数值,其工作机制与ROUND函数极为类似,只是该函数不对指.. [oracle関数] 数値の切捨て、切上げ、四捨五入を行う(trunc、round、ceil) 投稿日:2017年5月24日 更新日: 2017年9月13日. 数値の切捨て、四捨五入、切上げのサンプルです。 切捨てを行う. 切捨てはtrunc関数を使用します。 【構文】 trunc(<数値> [,<切り捨てる桁>]) 桁は省略可能です。 省略した. When the values on left of the decimal point are all zeros then Oracle Ceil returns equal integer value as the same number being integer. The next example turns 11.00 to 11 . 1 Oracle中trunc函数、round 函数、ceil函数和floor函数的使用. 1.1trunc 函数处理数字. trunc函数返回处理后的数值,其工作机制与ROUND函数极为类似,只是该函数不对指定小数前或后的部分做相应舍入选择处理,而统统截去。 其具体的语法格式如下. TRUNC(number[,decimals. SQL Oracle : Opérateurs. Les opérateurs arithmétiques Permet d'évaluer en priorité les opérateurs entre parenthèses-Signe négativement une expression numérique +-*/ Addition, soustraction, multiplication, division : Les opérateurs chaînes de caractères || concaténation de chaînes de caractères: Les opérateurs divers (+) Utilisé en jointure externe. La colonne suffixée de cet.

The CEIL () function returns the smallest integer value that is bigger than or equal to a number. Note: This function is equal to the CEILING () function The Oracle CEIL function, short for ceiling, will return the smallest integer value greater than the specified number. In other words, it rounds up to the nearest whole number. It's the opposite..

Oracle/PLSQL функция CEIL возвращает наименьшее целое число, которое больше или равно number SQL CEIL () function is used to get the smallest integer which is greater than, or equal to, the specified numeric expression

[Oracle] CEIL, FLOOR 함수 . DB / NoSQL/Oracle / Toad 2011. 11. 1. 09:48. 설정. CEIL([평가식]) : 평가식의 값보다 크거나 같은 정수의 최소값 (올림 함수) FLOOR([평가식]) : 평가식의 값보다 작거나 같은 정수의 최대값 (버림 함수)-- 101을 출력 SELECT CEIL(100.5) FROM DUAL -- 100을 출력 SELECT FLOOR(100.5) FROM DUAL 공유하기. 글 요소. Hi All I want to round up and round down numbers using Pl/SQL Oracle provides inbuilt functiion for these (CEIL and FLOOR) but they return whole numbers. I want to round up/down decimal numbers Ex. say 100.533457 if we round up this to 3 decimals the output is 100.534 if round down out put should be 100.553 pls tell me how to this using pl/sql T Fonction SQL Oracle CEIL Number. La fonction CEIL renvoie le plus petit entier supérieur ou égal à n Syntax function CEIL. CEIL(n) Exemple CEIL. SQL> select CEIL(99.9) from dual; • 100 SQL> select CEIL(-11,1) from dual; • -11 SQL> select CEIL(99.1) from..

I am having trouble with the Math.ceil function. When I take 296/3 on my calculator I get 98.6666666666666667, now when I do (int)Math.ceil(296/3) i Oracle Date Rounding jun. Ceil function returns next whole number. A high performance implementation of the Ruby programming language. The syntax for the ceil function is: ceil (number) where number. This function returns the smallest integer that is greater than or equal to n. This tutorial is based on examples so it would be easier to understand. If n is already an integer, n will be. Stack Overflow Public questions and answers; Teams Private questions and answers for your team; Enterprise Private self-hosted questions and answers for your enterprise; Jobs Programming and related technical career opportunities; Talent Hire technical talent; Advertising Reach developers worldwid Syntax: ceil (value) Follow us: | Oracle Appplications End to End Topics With SQL,PL/SQL,Reports,Forms,XML Reports,OAF,Oracle Apps . Home; SQL; PL/SQL; REPORTS; FORMS; ORACLE APPS; BI/XML REPORTS; OAF; APPS QUERIES; INTERVIEW QUESTIONS; Pages. Topics. SQL. SQL Introduction; SQL Create Table; SQL Table Alter; SQL Table Drop; SQL Table Truncate; SQL Table Rename; SQL Table Describe/Desc; SQL. I am continuing my efforts to cover the basics yet important topics of Oracle Database.With this post I am trying to provide bit of explanation and some examples of ROUND, TRUNC, CEIL and FLOOR functions in Oracle Database. ROUND(n,i): ROUND returns n rounded to i places to the right of the decimal point. Default value of i is 0

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Oracle Math ceil() Function for beginners and professionals with examples on MEDIAN, MIN, MOD, POWER, REMAINDER, ROUND, ROWNUM, SIGN, SIN, SINH, SQRT, SUM, TAN, TANH. [Oracle] Null값을 치환해주는 (NVL,NVL2) 함수 사용법 & 예제 (0) 2019.01.23 [Oracle] 소수점 처리 올림,반올림,버림 함수 (CEIL,ROUND,TRUNC) 사용법 & 예제 (1) 2019.01.22 [Oracle] Union해서 나온 결과 ROW 값 합치기 (0) 2019.01.21 [Oracle] 오라클 데이터가 없을경우에만 Insert하기 (0) 2019.01.1

Oracle Database SQL : Syntaxe. CEIL(Expression) Paramètres. Nom Description; Expression: Ce paramètre permet d'indiquer l'expression contenant le nombre à traiter: Description. Cette fonction retourne la valeur maximale d'un nombre, soit l'entier le plus proche supérieur ou égal au nombre. Exemple . Voici un exemple montrant l'utilisation de cette fonction : SELECT ceil(1),ceil(1.1),ceil. Part 6 in this series, A Function of Character (Oracle Magazine, July/August 2012), introduced SQL character functions Similar to ROUND and TRUNC are the FLOOR and CEIL number functions. The FLOOR function determines the largest integer less than (or equal to) a particular numeric value. Conversely, the CEIL function determines the smallest integer greater than (or equal to) a. The Oracle CEIL documentation states:. Syntax. CEIL(n) Purpose. CEIL returns smallest integer greater than or equal to n.. So CEIL(5.416579) function will always return 6 in Oracle.. The only way I can see for you to get a different result is if someone has create a user-defined CEIL function in your schema and that is being invoked rather than the built-in function This tutorial is based on examples to be easier to follow. The Oracle Ceil function allows rounding a number value up and the function removes all numbers after the decimal place. The Oracle Ceil syntax is following: CEIL (<number>); The first Oracle Ceil example has input value 11.11111 and it rounds the number up and returns an integer value (number 12) oracle ceil函数 ceil和floor函数在一些业务数据的时候,有时还是很有用的. ceil(n) 取大于等于数值n的最小整数: floor(n)取小于等于数值n的最大整数 如下例子 SQL> select ceil(9.5) from dual; CEIL(9.5) ----- 10 SQL> select floor(9.5) from dual; FLOOR(9.5) -----

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ceil和floor函数在一些业务数据的时候,有时还是很有用的。 ceil(n) 取大于等于数值n的最小整数; floor(n)取小于等于数值n的最大整 ceil()、ceiling() 函數 (sql ceil()、ceiling() function) ceil()、ceiling() 函數是用來無條件進入數值。 ceil()、ceiling() 語法 (syntax CEIL(n) : n보다 크거나 같은 정수 중 제일 작은 수. FLOOR(n) : n보다 작거나 같은 정수 중 제일 큰 수. 뜻을 보니 좀 헷갈릴듯 합니다. 그림을 보시면 . FLOOR(7.6)은 7.6의 바닥(floor)니까 7, CEIL(6.2)는 6.2의 천장(ceil)이니까 7이 되는 것입니다 Advanced Oracle SQL: Rounding and Truncating Functions. Oracle Tips by Laurent Schneider . Laurent Schneider is considered one of the top Oracle SQL experts, and he is the author of the book Advanced SQL Programming by Rampant TechPress. The following is an excerpt from the book. SELECT X.COLUMN_VALUE X, ROUND(X.COLUMN_VALUE) ROUND(X), TRUNC(X.COLUMN_VALUE) TRUNC(X), FLOOR(X.COLUMN_VALUE. 【SQL・ORACLE】 CEIL関数(切り上げ)の使い方. CEIL関数は、引数で指定した数値を切り上げて整数を求める関数です。CEIL関数は、オラクルで使用できます。MS-SQL Serverでは、CEILING関数で同様の処理を実現できます。いちれべ.comは、オラクル、MS-SQL、MS-Access で使用可能か一目でわかるサイトです.

ceil和floor函数在一些业务数据的时候,有时还是很有用的。 ceil(n) 取大于等于数值n的最小整数; floor(n)取小于等于数值n的最大整数 如下例子 SQL> select c oracle, db2, postgresql. ceil(数値 ) db2, sql server, mysql. ceiling(数値 ) 戻り値 : 数値の切り上げ整数値 . 関連キーワード. floor 関数(切り下げ), round 関数(四捨五入), trunc / truncate 関数(切り捨て) ceil / ceiling 関数は、指定した数値データの切り上げ整数値を求めるときに使用します。 また、数値データ. Supported Versions of Oracle/PLSQL: Oracle 12c; Oracle 11g; Oracle 10g; Oracle 9i; Oracle 8i; Let's see some examples which illustrate the CEIL function: Example-1: DECLARE Test_Number number := 2.6; BEGIN dbms_output.put_line(CEIL(Test_Number number)); END; Output: 3. In the above example, 2.6 is taken as the parameter and 3 is returned because 3 is the smallest whole number greater than 2. Fonction SQL Oracle ROUND Number. Comment arrondir un nombre dans Oracle ?. Avec la fonction ROUND.. La fonction ROUND effectue une opération d'arrondi sur une valeur numérique basée sur la précision décimale spécifiée. La valeur retournée est soit arrondi vers le haut ou vers le bas selon la valeur numérique du chiffre passé en paramètre Examples of the Oracle ROUND Function. Here are some examples of the Oracle ROUND function. I find that examples are the best way for me to learn about code, even with the explanation above. Example 1. This example rounds a decimal number to 1 place. SELECT ROUND(3162.845, 1) AS ROUNDED FROM dual; Result: ROUNDED : 3162.8 . Example 2. This example rounds a decimal to 5 places. SELECT ROUND.

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  1. Oracle PL/SQL - CEIL関数の例 ceil math oracle plsql `CEIL`関数は、指定した数値を丸めて、指定した数値以上の最小の数値を返します
  2. This Oracle tutorial explains how to use the Oracle / PLSQL ROUND function (as it applies to numeric values) with syntax and examples. The Oracle / PLSQL ROUND function returns a number rounded to a certain number of decimal places
  3. This Oracle tutorial explains how to use the Oracle / PLSQL CEIL function with syntax and examples. The Oracle / PLSQL CEIL function returns the smallest integer value that is greater than or equal to a number.site: google sitemap xml, Open Graph and plain old meta-tags

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oracle中函数 trunc(),round(),ceil(),floor的使用详解 . 更新时间:2017年03月27日 16:34:42 转载 作者:张yyyy . 这篇文章主要介绍了oracle中函数 trunc(),round(),ceil(),floor的使用详解的相关资料,需要的朋友可以参考下. 1.round函数(四舍五入) 描述 : 传回一个数值,该数值是按照指定的小数位元数进行四舍五入运算的. Oracle Ceil And Floor Function Guide Faq Examples Postgresql Ceiling Function W3resource Pl Sql Ceil Function Level Up Plsql Class 6 Numberfuntions Ceil And Floor You Oracle Plsql Prompt User For A Parameter Value In Sqlplus Number Functions To Char Round Trunc Math Functions In Oracle Numeric Or Oracle Ceil Function You Sql Ceil Function W3resource Oracle Plsql Prompt User For A Parameter.

Hàm CEIL - Oracle/PLSQL là một trong các hàm trong danh sách được cung cấp sẵn cho người sử dụng khi thao tác với hệ quản trị cơ sở dữ liệu Oracle. Hàm CEIL - Oracle/PLSQL - Chức năng The Oracle/PLSQL CEIL function returns the smallest integer value that is greater than or equal to Oracle CEIL Function mp3 Durée 1:56 Taille 4.43 MB / Database Star 9 [Discrete Mathematics] Floor and Ceiling Examples mp3 Durée 5:00 Taille 11.44 MB / TheTrevTutor 10. Black Butler book of circus demon form scene! mp3 Durée 0:39 Taille 1.49 MB / Golden Wings 11. The Demon Ciel mp3 Durée 3:58 Taille 9.08 MB / Tessa Kings 12 ~Sebastian's Past~ mp3 Durée 1:15 Taille 2.86 MB. Oracle SQL Select Statement & education 4 - select, round, trunc, floor, ceil Don't forget to press the Like Button and subscribe to it if you like it

double ceil (double x); float ceil (float x); long double ceil (long double x); double ceil (T x); // additional overloads for integral types. Round up value. Rounds x upward, returning the smallest integral value that is not less than x. Header <tgmath.h. Oracle DBA (100) Oracle Script (16) Oracle Script (2) Patching (2) PostgreSQL (5) RAC (3) RAC (3) RMAN (11) Uncategorized (4) Vertica DBA (3) WebLogic (4) Window Admin (1) Top Posts & Pages. How to Find and Remove Table Lock in Oracle; How to find long running queries in Oracle; Checking Temporary Tablespace Usage in Oracle [ORACLE]ORA-01788: CONNECT BY 구를 지정해 주십시오 (0) 2017.12.18: 오라클 CEIL, FLOOR함수 (0) 2013.07.11: 오라클 순위 반환 함수들 (0) 2013.07.11: mysql 한글 깨짐 utf8 설정하기 (0) 2013.07.08: mysql 계정 추가 및 계정 권한 적용 (0) 2013.07.07: mysql 명령어 모음 (0) 2013.07.0 Die CEIL-Funktion gibt einen Ganzzahlwert zurück. Gilt für. Die CEIL-Funktion kann in folgenden Versionen von Oracle/PLSQL verwendet werden: Oracle 12c, Oracle 11g, Oracle 10g, Oracle 9i, Oracle 8i; Beispiel. Sehen wir uns einige Beispiele für Oracle/PLSQL CEIL-Funktion an und untersuchen Sie, wie Sie die CEIL-Funktion in Oracle/PLSQL verwenden

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The CEIL function in Oracle SQL / PLSQL is used to get a smallest integer number which is greater than or equal to the number passed to the function. Syntax for the CEIL function in Oracle SQL / PLSQL is: SELECT CEIL(N) FROM table_name; N is the number passed; Example 1: SELECT CEIL(1.23456) FROM DUAL; Will return 2 Example 2: SELECT CEIL(2.2) FROM DUAL; Will return 3 Example 3. DB/ORACLE ORACLE CEIL() yeon.Biju 2020. 3. 24. 12:14 오라클 CEIL() CEIL returns the smallest integer that is greater than or equal to n. The number n can always be written as the difference of an integer k and a positive fraction f suhc that 0 <= f <1 and n=k-f. The value of CEIL is the integer k. Thus, the. It is a common situation that you want less accuracy than PHP gives you, in which case you need to use one of PHP's selection of rounding functions: ceil(), floor(), and round(). Both ceil() and floor() take just one parameter - the number to round.Ceil() takes the number and rounds it to the nearest integer above its current value, whereas floor() rounds it to the nearest integer below its. Man page 3 : ceil. Forums; Tutoriels; FAQ; Blogs; Chat; Newsletter; Études; Emploi; Droit; Club; Vous devez avoir un compte Developpez.com et être connecté pour pouvoir participer aux discussions. Identifiez-vous. Identifiant: Mot de passe: Mot de passe oublié ? Créer un compte. Vous n'avez pas encore de compte Developpez.com ? L'inscription est gratuite et ne vous prendra que quelques.

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The CEIL() function returns a value whose data type is the same as the input argument. Examples. The following statement illustrates how to use the CEIL() function to round a number up to the nearest integer: SELECT CEIL( 200.25 ); The result is: 201 Let's take the customer and payment tables in the sample database for the demonstration. The following example calculates the ceiling of. Oracle | Toad expert blog for developers, admins and data analysts. With solutions for Toad for Oracle, Toad for MySQL, Toad for SQL Server, DB2, SAP and more

[Oracle関数] 数値の切捨て、切上げ、四捨五入を行う(Trunc、Round、Ceil) Oracle逆引きノー

floor,ceil向上取整和向下取整,floor,ceil向上取整和向下取 The Oracle and PL/SQL CEIL function returns the smallest integer value that is greater than or equal to a number (n). CEIL(n) Example 1: SELECT CEIL(45.1242) FROM DUAL

Oracle CEIL Function / Published in: SQL. Save to your folder(s) A few examples of the Oracle CEIL function. Expand | Embed | Plain Text. Copy this code and paste it in your HTML--CEIL Function . SELECT CEIL (41.8) AS CEIL_TEST FROM dual; SELECT CEIL (41.1) AS CEIL_TEST FROM dual; SELECT CEIL (102.43) AS CEIL_TEST FROM dual; SELECT CEIL (15.612093) AS CEIL_TEST FROM dual; SELECT CEIL (19) AS. A detailed explanation of the function trunc(), round(), ceil(), floor in Oracle. Time:2020-3-13. 1. Round function (rounding) Description: returns a value that is the result of rounding to the specified number of decimal places. Parameters: Number: the number to be processed Decimal place: round to several decimal places (default 0) Select round (123.456, 0) from dual; return 123 Select. René Nyffenegger on Oracle - Most wanted - Feedback - Follow @renenyffenegger SQL: ceil and floor [SQL] ceil (n) floor(n) ceil rounds n up to the next higher integer. If n is already rounded, it returns n. floor rounds n down to the next higher integer. If n is already rounded, it returns n. Demonstration. create table ceil_floor_test ( a number ); insert into ceil_floor_test values ( 1.255. Oracle PL/SQL - CEIL function example. By Dhaval Dadhaniya | Last updated: August 28, 2017. Viewed: 13,207 | +2 pv/w. The CEIL function round the specified number up, and return the smallest number that is greater than or equal to the specified number. CEIL function examples SELECT CEIL(1.2) FROM DUAL; -- output : 2 SELECT CEIL(1.5) FROM DUAL; -- output : 2 SELECT CEIL(1.7) FROM DUAL.

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The Oracle CEIL() function rounds a number up to the next higher integer. If number is already rounded, it simply returns the number unchanged Description of Oracle function CEIL with examples. Function Description. Function CEIL returns smallest integer greater than or equal to argument Posts about Ceil function Oracle written by sqlandplsql. Skip to content. Oracle PL/SQL Technology blog. To know more about Oracle, PL/SQL, Ubuntu, Python, R, MySQL and more. Menu Home; Oracle; PL/SQL; Ubuntu; Popular posts; About me; Tag: Ceil function Oracle Ceil function Oracle. July 15, 2012 July 22, 2012 ~ sqlandplsql ~ Leave a comment. Ceil function returns next whole number. It is a. Ceil function Oracle Ceil function SQL find next whole number Published by sqlandplsql To learn more about the Oracle, SQL, PL SQL, Performance Tuning, Database Modeling, Ubuntu, MySQL etc .Suggestions, comments, feedbacks and referrals are highly appreciated

[Oracle] 오라클 CASE WHEN THEN문 사용법과 중첩 CASE 사용법 (0) 2020.01.15 [Oracle] 오라클에서 Null 처리하는 방법(NVL, NVL2, DECODE) (0) 2020.01.15 [Oracle] 오라클 올림(CEIL) 내림(FLOOR) 반올림(ROUND) 하는방법 (0) 2020.01.1 Ceil Oracle Sql Function; Floor Command In Oracle Sql; Ceil And Floor In Sql Oracle; Fonction Floor Oracle Sql; Facebook; Prev Article Next Article . Related Posts. 40×40 Pole Barn Floor Plans. Skill Floor Interior June 23, 2018. London Interior Designers. Skill Floor Interior June 23, 2018. Earthroamer Xv Hd Interior . Skill Floor Interior July 5, 2018. Mercedes C Class Estate Specs. Skill. In this PostgreSQL post explains how to use the PostgreSQL ceil function with syntax and examples. The PostgreSQL ceil function returns the smallest integer value that is greater than or equal to a number.site: google sitemap xml, Open Graph and plain old meta-tags Php ceil function w3resource php floor function w3resource php tutorial 66 math abs round ceil floor. Pics of : Php Floor Ceil. Php Ceil Function W3resource Php Floor Function W3resource Php Tutorial 66 Math Round Ceil Floor Functions Php 27 Matematikai Függvények 1 Abs Round Ceil Floor Pow Floor Ceil Deg2rad Sin Cos Tan Commands In The Php Samrah Python Floor And Ceil Function Example Php.

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category 공부/Oracle 2017. 9. 22. 10:16 by 리빈아빠. 서론. 이번에는 주로 숫자형 데이터를 처리하는 함수들을 배워볼 차례이다. 본론 ROUND, TRUNC--ROUND(숫자 [,m]) 반올림 / TRUNC(숫자, [,m]) 버림 select round(12343.46), --뒤에 인자 없으면 소수점 첫번째 자리에서 반올림 round(1234.56, 1), --소수점 2번째 자리에서. Functions in Oracle — ceil() Time:2020-6-13. Ceil(value) The function returns the smallest integer greater than or equal to the specified value, rounding, without rounding. select Ceil(103.46) from dual select Ceil(103.46) from dual Tags: function, integer. Recommended Today. Android studio environment configuration for developing router. Installation settings HTTP porxy The first is the.

Floor Ceiling Round Sql | NakedsnakepressHadoop World 2011: Replacing RDB/DW with Hadoop and HiveOracle Yuvarlama Fonksiyonları (CEIL, FLOOR, ROUND, TRUNCOpenstack – Configure Telemetry Module - ceilometer – PartSQL Server Functions and Oracle Equivalent

Oracle的取整函数 oracle涉及到取整的函数主要有4个,两个单参数的(ceil和floor),两个双参数的(trunc和round)。双参数不仅可以取整,也可以取到任一位小数,甚至可以取到任一位整数。这些函数参数为正数时 Oracle PL / SQL; Numeric Math Functions; CEIL; CEIL: Returns the ceiling value (next highest integer above a number) SQL> SQL> SQL> -- create demo table SQL> create table TestTable( 2 ID VARCHAR2(4 BYTE) NOT NULL, 3 MyName VARCHAR2(10 BYTE), 4 MyDate DATE, 5 MyNumber Number(8,2) 6 ) 7 / Table created. SQL> SQL> SQL> insert into TestTable (ID, MyName, MyDate, MyNumber) values. Oracle PL/SQL Ceil Function. The Ceil function allows you to round up any number to the next integer. The Ceil Function syntax: ceil( number ) Example: Select ceil(99.34) From dual; 100 Select ceil(99) From dual; 99 Select ceil(-99.34) From dual; -99 Select ceil(-99) From dual; -99 Filed Under: PL/SQL. Primary Sidebar. Search this website. Tutorials. HTML Tutorial ; CSS Tutorial; PHP Tutorial. Any function in teradata is equal to the ceil function in oracle?*Reference:In Oracle/PLSQL, the ceil function returns the smallest integer value that is greater than or equal to a number.The syntax for the ceil function is:ceil( number )number is the value used to find the smallest integer value.For example:ceil(32.65) would return 33. ceil(32) would return 32. ceil(-32.65) would return -32.

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